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Live tracking
Transmitter photos

Barrie VE3BSB leads a team of radio amateurs who have installed the Ultimate3S kit onboard the Canadian C3 expedition. The C3 Expedition ship celebrates the 150 year birthday of Canada with a 150-day voyage through the North passage, visiting many interesting and unique locations along the way.

The Ultimate3S was built and tested by Barrie VE3BSB; Jeff VE3EFF has provided a computer to host the tracking program. 

RAC news story:
Official C3 web page: 

Live tracking

Installation photographs

AntennaTopEndMidshiptower.jpg CaptainGuyandBarrieFirstDayContacts.jpg LucVE3JGLtopside.jpg

PolarPrinceLR.jpg PortBridgeRailMount.jpg Ultimate3LocationinRadioRoom.jpg