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LightAPRS-W is and affordable, smallest, lightest, powerful and open source APRS tracker with WSPR. It makes tracking pico balloons simple and easy. It is able to report location, altitude, temperature and pressure to the internet ([APRS-IS]( or direct to an amateur radio once a minute with a solar panel/super capacitors or just 4xAAA batteries. Because LightAPRS-W is open source you can add your own custom sensors via I2C/SPI pins.

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NOTE: This is the WSPR version of the LightAPRS tracker. If you want the APRS-only version, please see 

Information, source code

Official information and source code is on GITHUB: 

Key Features

Basic Features

Comparison with other APRS trackers

    LightAPRS-W   Tracksoar   PicoAPRS Lite
Weight   9 grams   45 grams   7 grams  
Frequency Agile   Yes (134-174 Mhz)   No   Yes (134-174 Mhz)
Transmit Power   1W APRS / 10mW WSPR   300mW   1W
Softare   Open Source   Open Source   Proprietary
Sensors Included   Temperature, Pressure   Temperature, Pressure, Humidity   Temperature, Pressure
Extendable   I2C, SPI, GPIO   I2C, SPI, GPIO   No
Price   115$   205$   157$


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