A programmable crystal replacement. It has three independent outputs with frequency range 3.5kHz to approx 300MHz, and can be optionally GPS disciplined. Configuration is by a micro-USB connector and PC terminal emulator

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STATUS: ProgRock2 is in manufacturing, expected shipping will be in January 2023 some time. 

The features of this module are as follows:

  • Tiny size PCB, a little smaller than an HC6 crystal: 0.725 x 0.675 inches (18.4 x 17.1mm)
  • Factory assembled, ready-to-use (no assembly required)
  • 3 independent 3.3V p-p squarewave outputs (2 if you use GPS discipline)
  • You can feed the outputs through LPF kits to get sinewave outputs
  • 8 selectable “banks” of frequencies, chosen by 3 input control signals
  • Frequency range 2kHz to 200MHz from onboard Si5351A or MS5351M
  • Extended frequency range up to approx. 300MHz if you don’t mind violating the Si5351A datasheet specifications
  • Quadrature output mode (Clk0 and Clk1 on same frequency but configurable 0, 90, 180 or 270-degree phase offset)
  • GPS frequency discipline using 1pps from a GPS receiver
  • Power supply voltage 3.5 to 12V DC
  • Frequencies and configuration stored in non-volatile memory for next power-up
  • QRP Labs Firmware Update (QFU) bootloader 

This module is the replacement for the original ProgRock kit. It is much smaller than the original ProgRock and ready-assembled. It does not have ProgRock's 4-way DIP switch for programming (which was a bit awkward anyway); there is a micro-USB connector for programming via a PC serial terminal and for firmware updates. 

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