This an enclosure kit for the QCX CW transceiver kit, designed and produced in Germany by Markus DL6YYM and BaMaTech Precision Engineering.


Available from BaMaTech

As of January 2019 this item is no longer available from QRP Labs. 

The manufacturer BaMaTech continues to stock this item. 

The enclosure kit is designed to fit a STANDARD built QCX CW transceiver kit with all the original board-mounted controls and connectors. Nothing is to be removed from a standard QCX. The kit includes:

  • Two-part aluminium enclosure, drilled, cut and printed for the QCX
  • Four rubber feet
  • 2.1mm female power connector
  • Extenders for the rotary encoder, gain control potentiometer, and buttons
  • All required screws, bolts and mounting hardware

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions in English (PDF)
Assembly instructions in German (PDF)