Updated 08-Feb-2024

Hans G0UPL: I get a lot of questions about order shipment status. It takes many hours every day to answer these. I have a lot of other urgent work to do too. Therefore I am now updating this page with current status information which could be the cause of a delayed shipment. If I have directed you to this page, please check which of the categories applies to one or more of the items in your order.


  • On placing an order, your payment is taken at that time. That's because as a small business, we cannot process credit card transactions ourselves (or more accurately, are not allowed to store your credit card information) and rely on a third party provider which takes payment right away. 
  • Your initial order status will be "Complete", it means your order was paid and placed and is in the database; you will receive a confirmation email, and there is no need to reply to it. 
  • When shipped, it will change to "Shipped" and you will be emailed a tracking number if applicable. 
  • If you do NOT receive these emails, it could be due to a mis-spelt email address on the order form but more likely is your ISP blocking the QRP Labs shop email altogether as suspected spam, or putting it in your spam folder. 
  • If your order has not been shipped within 1 business day then it probably falls into one of the following categories. 

Assembled unit:

If you have ordered an assembled QMX, QDX, QCX-mini and QCX+, please be aware that these are built-to-order and there is a waiting time while we work through the orders. The list is updated most days and is on this page: https://www.qrp-labs.com/qcxmini/assembled.html . You would have been notified of this at the time of placing your order and acknowledged it. 


We are currently waiting for the next batch of 1,000 assembled QMX PCBs, expected here around end January. Therefore if you have an as-yet un-shipped QMX kit order, please accept our apology for the unexpected delay, we will ship the pending orders as soon as the boards get here. All other parts are in hand. 

UPDATE 07-Feb-2024: The PCB production and assembly took a little longer than expected due to Chinese New Year. The assembly factories don't think 1,000 boards is a particularly significant order and they give priority to their much bigger customers, when they run short on time such as ahead of holidays like Chinese New Year. Anyway the boards got made and shipped, and are with FedEx now (774997362185). The tracking always gets a bit patchy in the final leg of the trip but anyway, these PCBs are already in Turkey and now need to go through import customs then I should hopefully have them in hand early next week, and do some testing then we will begin shipping the backlog. 

UPDATE 16-Feb-2024: The 1,000 QMX Rev 3 PCBs arrived late afternoon on 15-Feb-2024. We are now building a couple for testing, and flashing bootloaders. Then we will begin shipping the pending ~250 kit orders, and try to catch up within a week if possible. 

All other kits...

...are shipping without delay, within 1 business day normally.