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Kit status

All current kits are available with large amount of stock! See shop

New product: Si5351A VFO/Signal Generator

In January 2016 we launched a new kit, a GPS-disciplined Si5351A-based VFO/Signal Generator. This is priced $29 see . It includes the 16 x 2 LCD, buttons, rotary encoder, ATmega328 controller and PCB, and Si5351A Synthesiser. A GPS can optionally be connected for calibrating and correcting the output frequency. The kit can produce two squarewave outputs, each one covering the range 3.5kHz to 200MHz (up to approximately 300MHz if you don't mind pushing the Si5351A chip beyond the datasheet specification). One output is fixed (configurable) frequency, the other is variable using the rotary encoder. There is an IF offset, Multiplier feature, 10 presets. We expect that many ideas will be put forward for new functionality, which will be included i n future firmware releases. Already several suggestions have been received.

FREE old reject AD9850 DDS modules

We have a small pile of old AD9850 DDS modules which were supplied with the Ultimate3 QRSS/WSPR kit until the end of 2014. These are "rejects" which failed our testing. Some do not work at all, some produce a sinewave output but the comparator threshold preset potentiometer adjustment doesn't work so no squarewave output, but the majority of them were rejected simply because of short-term frequency instability (a few Hz or 10's of Hz) that would make them unsuitable for QRSS/WSPR applications. However they could still be useful for other things! So they are offered free, pay shipping only, so that they can find a good home rather than get trashed. See 


As always, we would love to hear from you! How are you using your kit? We welcome your ideas for future kits, new features for existing kits, or anything else you think would be interesting to talk about!

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