Live tracking
Photos of the launch

BB03 uses callsign ZL1RS and telemetry channel 02.

Further details, please see below!

Live tracking

Photos of the launch



BB04 configuration:

special version of QRP-Labs U3S firmware
custom PCB (thanks Mikael), the smaller "V2" board
powered by four 39 x 19mm solar cells providing 3V3 via a boost regulator
uBlox Max-7c GPS with 46mm wire antenna
Si5351a synthesiser with 27 MHz TCXO, 10mW output
there is no insulation over the PCB ... BB04 is 'flying naked'
20m dipole antenna made from 0.1mm wire (top leg to the balloon supported on 4 pound braid fishing line)
total payload weight including antenna = 6.3 grams
90cm 'clear' party balloon with 4 grams of 'free lift'
the expected 'float altitude' is 10,000m ASL
Telemetry transmission schedule and format the same as BB03
"Park mode" parameter changed to try and reduce some slight drift on the first transmission