Dave VE3KCL was the first person to use QRP Labs kits based on the Ultimate3S kit for high altitude "floater" balloon tracking. These flights use a special firmware version which carries additional telemetry over the WSPR network. The Flight S-4 page has a full explanation of this. 

Flight listing

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Operator Launch
Duration Altitude Distance Comments
STELLA22 Daniel DL6OW Pending        
STELLA21 Daniel DL6OW Pending        
STELLA20 Daniel DL6OW Pending        
U3B-28 Dave VE3KCL          
STELLA19 Daniel DL6OW 08-Jun-2019        
U3S-33 Jim N2NXZ 27-May-2019        
U3B-27 Dave VE3KCL 15-MAy-2019        
U3S-32 Jim N2NXZ          
U3B-26 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3S-31 Jim N2NXZ 10-Apr-2019        
U3S-30 Jim N2NXZ 19-Mar-2019 4.5 hours    420km  
U3S-29 Jim N2NXZ 08-Mar-2019 6 hours  ~11,000m  257km Custom envelope, burst at altitude
U3B-25 Dave VE3KCL 28-Feb-2019        
STELLA15 Daniel DL6OW Pending        
U3S-26 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3B-24 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-23 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-22 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3S-25 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3B-21 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
STELLA13 Daniel DL6OW Pending        
U3B-20 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3S-24 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3B-19 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-18 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-17 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-16 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-15 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3S-23 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3S-22 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3B-14 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3S-21 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
BB05 Bob ZL1RS Pending        
BB04 Bob ZL1RS Pending        
U3B-13 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
BB03 Bob ZL1RS 07-Jan-2018 2 days  10,460m 1,826km  
STELLA10 Daniel DL6OW          
BB02 Bob ZL1RS 17-Dec-2017 9 days ~9,500m 24,320km  
BB01 Bob ZL1RS 08-Dec-2017        
U3S-20 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
STELLA9 Daniel DL6OW Pending        
U3B-12 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
STELLA8 Daniel DL6OW Pending        
STELLA7 Daniel DL6OW Pending        
U3B-11 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
STELLA6 Daniel DL6OW Pending        
U3B-10 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-9 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3S-19 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3B-8 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-7 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-6 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3S-18 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3S-17 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3S-16 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3S-15 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3B-5 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-4 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-3 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3S-14 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3S-13 Jim N2NXZ Pending        
U3B-2 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3B-1 Dave VE3KCL 16-Jun-2017 2 day >10,000m   First U3B test flight... GPS failed over 10km
S-26 Dave VE3KCL Pending        
U3S-12 Jim N2NXZ 08-Jun-2017 1 day >9,000m 955km  
S-25 Dave VE3KCL 02-Jun-2017        
U3S-10-2 Jim N2NXZ 28-May-2017 6 days 10,260m 3,253km  
U3S-11 Jim N2NXZ 23-May-2017 1 day  10,080m 2,429km  
S-24 Dave VE3KCL 10-May-2017 8 days ~10,000m  22,065km  
U3S-10 Jim N2NXZ 10-May-2017 ~2 minutes 0m <100m Crashed into nearby tree
U3S-9 Jim N2NXZ 23-Apr-2017 12.5hours   370km  
U3S-8 Jim N2NXZ 14-Apr-2017 11 days 9,560m   Reported on 25-Apr-2017 over Arizona, almost circumnavigation!
S-23 Dave VE3KCL 02-Apr-2017 1 day  10,200m 1,259km  
S-22 Dave VE3KCL 17-Mar-2017 8 hours ~9,000m 804km  
U3S-7 Jim N2NXZ 20-Feb-2017 1.5 days 9,744m 2,700km  
S-21 Dave VE3KCL 20-Feb-2017 1.5 days 9,580m >3,003km  
STELLA4 Daniel DL6OW 31-Dec-2016 Unknown Unknown 120km Latex stratosphere balloon
STELLA3 Daniel DL6OW 16-Nov-2016 4.5 hours 9,020m 96km  
S-20 Dave VE3KCL 06-Nov-2016 12 hours 10,660m 781km  
STELLA2 Daniel DL6OW 29-Oct-2016 4 hours  6,080m 194km  
U3S-4 Jim N2NXZ 19-Oct-2016 7 days  Unknown    
S-19 Dave VE3KCL 10-Oct-2016 Unknown >10,000m Unknown Lost due to GPS fault
S-18 Dave VE3KCL 07-Oct-2016 27 days 11,080m 46,502km Second VE3KCL circumnavigation!
Brick Jim N2NXZ 22-Sep-2016 3 days 9,500m N/A Transatlantic flight by Jim N2NXZ
S-17 Dave VE3KCL 19-Sep-2016 6 days 11,560m 11,187km  
S-16 Dave VE3KCL 02-Aug-2016 1 day 10,340m 940km  
STELLA1 Daniel DL6OW 30-Jul-2016 7 hours 8,700m 181km First DL6OW flight!
S-15 Dave VE3KCL 19-Jul-2016 9 days ~9,500m 11,615km  
S-14 Dave VE3KCL 11-Jul-2016 2 days ~9,500m 3,634km  
S-13 Dave VE3KCL 04-Jul-2016 6 days ~10,000m 12,732km  
S-12 Dave VE3KCL 21-Jun-2016 9 days ~10,000m 15,114km  
S-11 Dave VE3KCL 14-Jun-2016 24 days >10,000m 38,092km First VE3KCL circumnavigation!
S-10 Dave VE3KCL 09-May-2016 10 days ~10,000m 9,372km  
S-9 Dave VE3KCL 10-Apr-2016 18 days ~10,000m 51,711km Epic flight! Almost back to the start line.
S-8 Dave VE3KCL 30-Mar-2016 10 hours 13,180m 783km Highest VE3KCL flight. Used homemade balloon
S-7 Dave VE3KCL  11-Mar-2016 1d 9hrs ~7,500m 4,975km  
S-6 Dave VE3KCL  24-Sep-2015 3 days ~8,000m 4,300km  
S-5 Dave VE3KCL  04-Sep-2015 5 hours 11,040m   Latex balloon (not mylar floater)
S-4 Dave VE3KCL  24-Jul-2015 6 days ~8,300m 10,288km First transatlantic VE3KCL flight
S-3 Dave VE3KCL 28-Jul-2015 5 days ~8,000m 4,335km 16mW received 23,500km away by ZL1RS
S-2 Dave VE3KCL 22-Jul-2015 2 hours 4,120m 91km  
S-1 Dave VE3KCL 03-Jun-2015 2.5 hours  4,333m 68km First U3S flight!