Live tracking
Photos of the launch

BB03 uses callsign ZL1RS and telemetry channel 02.

BB03 was launched on 07-Jan-2017 just after 1700 UT. 

Further details, please see below!

Live tracking

Photos of the launch



BB03 configuration:
special version of QRP-Labs U3S firmware
custom PCB (thanks Mikael), cut down to reduce weight
directly powered by six 39 x 19mm solar cells providing 3 to 3.7V (no regulator)
uBlox Max-7c GPS with 46mm wire antenna
Si5351a synthesiser with Chinese TCXO
2N7002 SMD FET PA with 3-pole LPF, 70mW output at 3.6V
there is no insulation over the PCB, just a tiny smear of RTV over the TCXO and synth IC ...
BB03 is 'flying naked'
20m dipole antenna made from 0.1mm wire with the leg going up to the balloon supported on 'Dyneema' fishing line
total payload weight including antenna = 7.5 grams
90cm 'clear' party balloon filled with hydrogen to provide 4 grams of 'free lift'
the expected 'float altitude' is 10,000m ASL